Design/Build-52nd EOD Unit Operations Facility

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Completed 2010 COF 39,354 sq.ft. TEMF 18,080 sq. ft. $17,000,000

The project consists of two facilities – A Company Operations Facility (COF) and a Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF).  The COF is constructed using a pre-engineered building frame with a mezzanine upper level for platoon offices.  The lower level houses storage areas, weapons vaults, secure storage, comm. storage, lockers and individual lay-down areas.  The Administration Module is constructed using a modular metal framed system and is occupied by the Commanders, Training Officers and Senior NCO’s, with toilet and shower facilities for all parties.  The TEMF is a pre-engineered building frame with masonry interior walls, heavy duty floor slabs, 10 ton bridge crane in the service bays, weapons vaults, comsec storage, and ancillary spaces to support the ongoing maintenance operations.


This project includes full ATFP (anti-terrorism force protection) requirements and has been designed to achieve LEED Silver certification upon completion of the project.