Tennessee Oncology

Clarksville, TN

23,000 Sq. Ft. Cost: $2,573,000.00 Completed 2011

A multi-tenant office building housing an Oncology Medical Practice as the primary occupant. The owner required a building that would offer a warm and comfortable atmosphere for patients undergoing chemotherapy. From brick, stone and stucco materials on the exterior to earth tone colors and surfaces at the interior, the idea was to offer a sophisticated health care facility without a sterile technical feel.

The Oncology facility (portion of the building) includes patient waiting areas, initial vital spaces, exam rooms, a chemo infusion great room, sterile chemical mixing spaces, research library, CT Scanner and lead shielded room, multiple nursing stations, doctor’s suites, employee break room, upper level outdoor employee patio and conference spaces.

Unfinished portions of the building include lease space for one large medical practice or multiple small practices.