Lyle • Cook • Martin Architects, Inc. was founded in 1983, evolving into Lyle Cook Architects in 1988 and Lyle Cook Martin Architects following Brad Martin’s partnership in 2000.

The firm derives its organization from the complimentary talents and abilities of the partners and associates. This partnership is stabilized by the recognition that the combined talents of the firm and unique differences can offer greater diversity to clients.

Although a relatively small firm as compared to national averages, Lyle Cook Martin Architects is the largest firm in Clarksville with four professional Architects and support staff members. The firm is large enough to offer diversity and flexibility, but small enough to maintain personal hands-on service. A client is not passed-off to less experienced individuals.

Lyle • Cook • Martin Architects combines over seventy-five years of hands-on project experience by the principals and upper management staff. Direct principal involvement in all phases of project development insures the client that the full value of knowledge and experience available is being applied on their project.

Our firm purposely does not specialize in any particular building or project type. We feel that a broad base of experience on both large and small projects in multiple architectural types helps to keep our technical skills and delivery procedures well honed, however, based on our repeat clients, we have developed certain specialized skills and expertise which exceed a typical firms in the areas of building renovation, reroofing and building envelope failures. This experience contributes to the technical correctness of our new projects.

Our philosophy of practice is to provide our clients with the physical manifestation of their needs and desires through a collaborative effort that involves all parties in the decision making process.

We do not have a set style or product to sell. We feel that a buildings appearance must respond to its particular use, location and client’s desire.

Lyle • Cook • Martin Architects is dedicated to a project delivery system that embodies the principles of rigid budget, schedule and quality control. In response to these challenges, we continue to integrate the latest developments in computer-aided drafting and other information enhancing technologies.

Our overall capabilities are supported by a sound financial position and stable in-house environment.